Arianna Faux Fur Trimmed Zipper Pocket Coat

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So adorable! Fab faux zipper pockets trim this sweet lined jacket available in 4 colors. Hood is trimmed with faux fur, and there is a slit behind the neck to allow for your lead. Available in several sizes and colors.   



  Please measure carefully to ensure a proper fit. 


XS     7.48"/19CM   7.87"/20CM    8.66"/22CM
S      8.66"/22CM   9.45"/24CM    11.02"/28CM
M      10.63"/27CM   11.02"/28CM    12.60"/32CM
L      11.81"/30CM   12.60"/32CM    15.75"/40CM
XL    13.39"/34CM   13.39"/34CM    16.54"/42CM
XXL    14.96"/38CM   14.96"/38CM    18.90"/48CM


1. Please allow 2-3CM differs due to manual measurement.
2. Real color may slightly different from pictures due to computer screen's resolution, brightness, contrast etc.