Georgie, Darling Sweatshirt for Smaller Pets

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Toasty warm Georgie is perfect for cold blooded pets! Pups and cats can benifit with a sweater in cold, winter months or the chill of an air conditioned home. Lots of colors to choose from too!

Please measure carefully to ensure a proper fit. 

Material: Cotton Blend


Size Chart:

Size    Back      Neck     Bust                      Suitable For

XS     5.91"/15CM  7.87"/20CM      10.24"/26CM   

S      7.09"/18CM  9.45"/24CM        11.81"/30CM   

M      9.06"/23CM  11.02"/28CM      13.39"/34CM    

L      11.02"/28CM  12.60"/32CM     16.54"/42CM   

XL     12.99"/33CM  14.96"/38CM   18.11"/46CM   

XXL    14.96"/38CM  16.54"/42CM   20.47"/52CM